About Us
" My mission is to bring the world closer with 
effective and accurate voice services."

Hello there! This is Yiran Dou, the founder of globalmic. Thank you for your interest in globalmic.


When choosing the perfect voice for your product:

1. Which country is the product going to? Are there any dialects in the target market?

2. What is the style of your video? What kind of tone is needed?

3. Does the translation of your manuscript conform to local language habits?


Imagine when demonstrating a commercial video to a foreign customer, and the voice speaking is different than you thought. As a result, customers misunderstand your products and lose their interest in doing business. You may not understand the language at all and never find out about it.

During my internship in three large-scale voice companies in China, I often found translation mistakes in the manuscripts. The voice artist from the target country didn't know what the script was trying to deliver. I am determined to start my own voice and translation company. Any voice I produce will not have translation errors. At the same time, results will adapt to the language habits of the target location. This is my promise to customers.


In 2011, with curiosity, I came to North America to study and explore a different world and new cultures. After years of study, work, and living, I have made friends worldwide and have professional knowledge of local customs and dialects. No matter where I go, I believe I am from China; I want to bring my hometown to the world and let the world understand China better.

In 2015, I founded globalmic in Vancouver, a voice and translation company dedicated to serving Chinese business owners.


globalmic firmly believes that the first impression of the brand is extremely important. This is why our team checks your scripts carefully. The translation of each manuscript will be checked by native speakers three times; for each voice over project, globalmic only finds local or native speakers of the target language, specified to local dialects—to ensure you will leave a good impression on your foreign customers.

globalmic take pride in helping you build a great brand image for your customers, starting with your brand voice. Working with us means you can relax and enjoy quality voice work along with unexpected results. 

 I am here looking forward to working with you!