Video Services

globalmic provides professional video recording services for foreigners. Hundreds of international narrators, with professional green screen and high-definition recording equipment to facilitate video production.

From product explanations, game hosting to film and television performances, and educational videos.

Regardless of hairstyle, tone and temperament, globalmic can find the best spokesperson for you.

Explainer videos
The spokesperson will change the video background, clothing and makeup according to your video theme and requirements. Whether it is on-site production or remote guidance, our video will meet your expectations.
Book an actor

Make an appointment with foreign actors in 

China. globalmic has signed more than one hundred foreign actors living in China. Whether it is a children's language cartoon, a director's war film, or a guitar singer at a bar, globalmic can find an appointment for you.

video production service
We provide professional video production services: lip-synching, choking time, subtitle production, commentary cartoon production etc. This video is a Russian film translation, in which the actors have achieved accurate timing and lip-synch control.